The “Necessity” of Revelation?

Those who believe the Author of Nature to be also the Author of Scripture must expect to find in Scripture the same sorts of difficulties that they find in Nature. – Origen of Alexandria

The title of this post is almost a contradiction in terms. The term “revelation” seems to imply a sense of freedom in the act, especially if initiated by God. To use it in the same phrase with “necessity” might cause one to balk, so it requires some explanation before kicking off this phase of the journey. The kind of necessity we are concerned with here is one that is “built in” by choice… as a bike manufacturer who didn’t need to build a motorized bicycle, but chose to do so instead of a non-motorized one. Given the latter, we can claim that an energy source for the bike is a-posteriori “necessary.” The “need” was chosen and built in. It might be better referred to as “structural necessity” as opposed to “intrinsic necessity.”

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